Le Bal de Paris de Blanca Li - Best VR Experience at Venice VR Expanded

The Great Ocean - VR Game

Playfully find out how Climate Change and (plastic) pollution
have an influence on the Ocean Health and our lifes and what
can and is being done about it.

New Zealand drama, trending on Netflix

Miriquidor - 360° 8K Fantasy Fiction Film

Festival de Cannes 2019

two films selected for Cannes XR
tutor at Cannes XR challenge

La Familia (Dementia)

award winning
Fiction Film Arthouse Drama

Call her Lotte - award-winning 3D shortfilm and Transmedia world

Friendship - Multiplayer Browser Game

Surviving Nazi Germany - VR Game

Jazzoo - book, TV Series, games, concerts

invited to Berlin Film Festival and many others

Blue - Rise before demise - Hybrid-Docu & 360°

invited to Festival de Cannes XR, Jihlava IFF, NYC IFF and more

Holoman saves the world - CN/EN 360° Series pilot

invited to Beijing VR Film Festival

Who are the Champions

invited to IDFA,
DOK Leipzig
and many others



Actrio Studio is an award-winning content production studio that focuses on storytelling and innovation in games. With over 15 years experience in the media industry we have engaged audiences worldwide across multiple platforms. Our fiction films, documentaries, shortfilms, AR and VR Experiences, 360° films and games have been shown worldwide from A-Festivals to HBO and Netflix. As an R&D and innovation service provider we help clients create outstanding and innovative content. How can we help you today?


Actrio Studio was founded by Michael Geidel, a film and interactive producer since 1999. He leads the award winning team of highly skilled creative experts that have a diverse background ranging from film, art to gaming and  computer science at Actrio Studio. With many years of Know How we also have an extensive network of experts in many fields around the globe that we can tap into.

Michael graduated as media economist, is a trained journalist, technologist and serial entrepreneur. He started at KirchGroup’s International Co-Production Dept., worked on US Commercials for e.g. Warner Kids out of Toronto, at the broadcaster ZDF as well as for the EU in Brussels, worked long-term at leading German Indie film production and distribution company Kinowelt (now Studiocanal), where he received international awards for his work. He further worked as Crossmedia concepter and analyst for a multi-awarded research project at the German film and TV university in Potsdam-Babelsberg, collaborated with the British Film Institute, BAFTA, E.B.U., French Ecoprod, and the Producers Guild of America and worked on Interactive Television at MIZ Media Innovation Center Babelsberg. He produced films from documentary to comedies, adventure, drama and animation. Besides films he produced web-documentaries, concepted and produced Crossmedia/Transmedia and film VR and AR projects and games, that premiered in A festivals , were invited to the Festival de Cannes’ Future of Cinema Section NEXT, were distributed by WarnerBros and received many awards worldwide. He is alumni of EAVE, Eurodoc, the Multi Platform Business School and PttP’s The Pixel Lab. Michael is Berlin film festival Talent Campus expert, was member of different film festival juries, was tutor at Cannes XR Challenge 2019, won several Hackathons incl. the ProSiebenSat1 Hack24 2018, continues to be invited to lecture at film schools and conferences like Gamescom, Berlinale Coproduction Market, AWE, mipTV, GDC San Francisco and Festival de Cannes NEXT, is published author and actively involved in sustainability research and practice in the media industry.

He is also actively involved in sustainability research and practice and joined Pledge1Percent with Actrio Studio.


Browse through a selection of our projects below.


Miriquidor 360°

A 360° 8K music driven fantasy film about outsider Ben who attracts mysterious Atuh in the woods with his music. The village gang tries to chase her away, unearthing an old power that will stop at nothing to protect its children.


The Great Ocean

The Great Ocean is a VR-Game about how Climate Change and (plastic) pollution have an influence on the Ocean Health and our lifes and what can and is being done about it.



A pre-school animation project based on the award winning Oddjob Jazz-record 'Jazzoo' TV-Series, short film, theatrical film, games for Web and Apps, a book and concerts, invited to many festivals incl. the Berlinale Film Festival 2017.


Our Lab is the space, where we develop ideas, concepts, do R&D projects and test new technologies together with storytelling – without the constraints of tight deadlines or production schedules. Once we feel something is ready, it leaves the lab and becomes part of our production schedule or service offering. We focus on Games and using new technologies for more immersive storytelling, since some time with a focus on XR. We collaborate with other experts, technologists and visual artists and partner with beta-programs or developer-programs like with Intel, Google or Oculus. Sometimes we also go out and put ourselfes into Hackathons, eventually we won some awards like at the Hack N Wear Berlin 2015, at the Immersive Hackathon Munich or receiving the main award at the Hack24 2018 of ProSiebenSat1.

We plan to open the lab also more for external artists. If you are interested to partner with us, please drop us an email.

We have extensive know how in the following areas and offer these as services:

Tomorrow’s Technology, Today.

  • Virtual Reality Consulting, Design, Production

  • 360° Production in 8K Interactive

  • Games Design and Production

  • Augmented Reality Full Service Production

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We’re happy to hear from you. If you want to send us your new script or else please keep in mind that we cannot accept unsolicited scripts.

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