Project Description

The Great Ocean is an immersive Game in which you dive into an adventure of the earth’s oceans. Explore in your high-tech ROV fascinating spots like the Galapagos, the Arctic or the Deep Sea and use your upgradeable tools to solve quests when you discover sunken WW2 battleships or deep sea creatures. Swim with majestic whales, sharks and sea turtles and take action to save the oceans.

In the game you explore in a high-tech ROV submarine the earth’s oceans from the best diving spots in the Galapagos or in Cozumel in Mexico to the Icebergs in the Arctic and the Deep Sea and many other fascinating places around our planet’s huge underwater world. In each of the levels you solve quests with your ROV’s upgradeable tools. Those missions are based around real sunken submarines, WW2 battleship wrecks, Deep Sea creatures or Caribbean coral reefs. You will also encounter all of the giants and living wonders of the oceans from sharks, to dolphins, sea turtles and of course the blue whale and learn more about this unique, beautiful and threatened world – and you can check it out in detail in the laboratory. With your mission success you contribute to protect and save the oceans. Many hours of gameplay with a personal story, great interaction and challenging quests with a global leaderboard engage players on the exploration of the oceans and to go where no one has gone before.

Available on Quest 2 here.

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We succeeded with our Kickstarter Earth Day Campaign for the PC VR version finishing – but some Stretch Goals are still waiting, if you want to contribute still, please reach out to us.