Call her Lotte Game


In this adventure detective game you solve quests during the rise of the Nazi dictatorship in Germany before WWII. Based on real stories and facts and developed with historians and pedagogic experts we follow the path of the main characters of the multi-award winning shortfilm 'Call her Lotte' inspired by the Holocaust-survivor Charlotte Knobloch.

Miriquidor 360°


A 360° 8K music driven fantasy film about outsider Ben who attracts mysterious Atuh in the woods with his music. The village gang tries to chase her away, unearthing an old power that will stop at nothing to protect its children.

The Pastor’s Children


The Pastor's Children - Punks, Politicians and Philosophers is a feature documentary by Angela Zumpe, a web-documentary and installation with WebAR and VR about how it is to grow up in a parsonage. Interviewing well-known pastors children and collaging it with stories from her own family and from terrorist Gudrun Ensslin, Zumpe created a personal [...]

The Great Ocean


The Great Ocean is a VR-Game about how Climate Change and (plastic) pollution have an influence on the Ocean Health and our lifes and what can and is being done about it. In the game the player can choose different regional chapters from around the globe of threatened ocean regions and then explore these underwater [...]