Blue – Rise before demise


Blue - rise before demise - is a living hybrid documentary 360° film about how Climate Change and (plastic) pollution have an influence on the Oceans and what can be done about it. The viewer follows the water and plastic life cycle from the bath tub to the sewer, the deep sea and back to [...]



A pre-school animation project based on the award winning Oddjob Jazz-record 'Jazzoo' TV-Series, short film, theatrical film, games for Web and Apps, a book and concerts, invited to many festivals incl. the Berlinale Film Festival 2017.

The Pastor’s Children


The Pastor's Children - Punks, Politicians and Philosophers is a feature documentary by Angela Zumpe, a web-documentary and installation with WebAR and VR about how it is to grow up in a parsonage. Interviewing well-known pastors children and collaging it with stories from her own family and from terrorist Gudrun Ensslin, Zumpe created a personal [...]